AirPods Tips and Tricks You May Not Know

By Tipster CybernetiX

AirPods are one of the best-selling Apple devices these days. These are small, shiny, and Bluetooth-enabled devices that turned old regular earphones into compelling devices that are only getting better with each passing generation.

Yet there are still many AirPods users who don’t know how to take full advantage of these devices. Here are some AirPods tips and tricks for AirPods users that will enhance your AirPods usage experience.

1. Let Siri Read and Reply to Your Messages

If you have the latest operating system installed, you can allow Siri to read all your incoming text messages via your AirPods with the help of your voice. Once Siri listens to your messages, you can allow Siri to reply to your messages via a voice command

The latest AirPods models allow you to call Siri with the usual Hey Siri command. You can also ask Siri to help you with other tasks such as change the song, turn up the volume, get the current weather forecast, etc.

2. Connect Your AirPods with Other Apple Devices

You can connect your AirPods with your other Apple devices such as MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple watch, etc concurrently. AirPods can automatically switch the audio between the two connected devices.

However, sometimes you may want to put aside your iPhone and listen to music from your Mac or iPad via AirPods.

The transition is fairly easy if you pair your AirPods with your iPhone first. This is the trick as it connects the headset to your Apple account allowing the AirPods to work across all your Apple gadgets.

To switch up your Apple devices open the Control Center and press down on the audio card located in the upper right corner of Music and click on the device you want to use.

3. Share Your AirPods with Others

Since AirPods are wireless gadgets, you can share your AirPods with someone else while listening to music or watching a TV show or a movie.

While sharing your earbuds, if a phone call arrives, you both can listen to the conversation. However, only one of you can speak to the caller as only one mic is active at a time.

4. Discover Your Lost AirPod

Since AirPods are small, it is super easy to lose. AirPods are not a cheap device as a 2nd gen AirPods cost $69 each while a single AirPod Pro costs $89.

Make a habit to drop your AirPods straight into its charging case once you are done with them. It may not always happen, but its important to take precautionary steps to prevent losing your AirPods.

You can also use the Find My iPhone feature to detect your lost AirPod given it is activated on your portable device and paired with your AirPods. To find missing AirPods go to the iPhone Settings and click on your name. Then click Find My and activate Find My iPhone and Send Last Location.

5. Turn Your AirPods Into a Hearing Aid

Ever had any difficulty hearing someone clearly during a conversation? If yes, then you can turn your AirPods into an on-demand hearing aid. Staring with iOS 12, Apple introduced a useful feature called Live Listen.

After setting it up, put your iPhone closer to the individual you want to hear and your AirPods will produce better quality audio for you.

To enable this feature, go to iPhone Settings and click Control Panel. Choose Customize Controls and click on the Plus icon next to Hearing.

Once done, place the AirPods into your ears, and either swipe up for the iPhone 8 or older or swipe down for iPhone X or newer and click the Ear icon and then hit Live Listen.

6. Connect Your AirPods with Non-Apple Devices

If you think AirPods are exclusive to Apple devices, then you are wrong. You can use these devices with android devices or with other iOS devices not logged into an iCloud account.

With the AirPods in the sealed case, free the lid, click and hold down the pairing button behind the case. Open the Bluetooth Settings on your device and choose the AirPods to confirm the pairing.

Once done, you can re-pair your AirPods with your iPhone by reselecting AirPods in your iPhone’s Bluetooth Settings.

7. Customize Your AirPods Usage

You can customize your AirPods Settings if you want to change the default double-tap settings. It is very convenient to customize both the press-and-hold and double-tap settings for both the earbuds.

After connecting your AirPods with your iPhone or iPad, go to the Settings and choose Bluetooth. Then hit the “I” sign next to the AirPods and select the right or left to make the changes. Your options include Play, Pause, Play Genre, and Skip to the next song.

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