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If you are one of those 20 million Nintendo fans around the world, chances are you already have your Nintendo Switch. And to start your experience with the Switch the right way, in this article we will offer you some tips and tricks for the Nintendo Switch that can help you make the most of your attractive little console.Without further ado, here are the best tips and tricks for the Nintendo Switch:

1. Funny Sounds to Unlock the Screen

To exit Standby Mode and unlock your Nintendo Switch screen, you have to press a button three times. Generally, when you press the normal buttons like A or B it makes a very particular noise. However, when you press certain other buttons the console makes other funny noises. Not that this is a trick that will change your life, but it is a nice Easter egg.

The A, B, X, Y, Home, + and – buttons, the directional buttons, and the L and R make the normal sound when unlocking the screen. However, the ZL and ZR triggers as well as both sticks make totally different sounds, such as a horn.

2. Find your Lost Controls

Joy-Con is small controls, and if you’re not careful you might end up losing them somewhere in the house. Thinking about it, the Nintendo Switch has a search option with which you can ask the Joy-Con to vibrate to have a little easier to locate them if they are near you or in your house.

  • In the lower options bar of the main screen, click on the Controls option with the Joy-Con icon.
  • Once inside this menu, click on Find controls.
  • In the menu where it takes you, choose the command you want to search for.
  • Now stay tuned to see if you can hear where the vibration is coming from.Nintendo Switch

3. Store your Saved Games in the Cloud

The Nintendo Switch allows you to save your games in the cloud, so when you delete a game or simply install it on a new Switch or one that you have reset, you will always be able to reinstall it and resume it exactly where you were. It is not a free function, it is necessary to have contracted the Online, and in addition to activating this save, you can also manage the data of each game you have in the cloud.

  • In the lower options bar of the main screen, click on the Console configuration option.
  • Now click on Data Management in the options column on the left, .
  • In the options that appear on the screen, tap Quicksave in the cloud.
  • Once inside, activate the option Save to the cloud automatically.
  • Below, you will see a list of all the games and an indicator of whether they have their data in the cloud.
  • If you enter a game, you can disable its saving of data in the cloud individually.
  • In the same game profile, you will have options to manually save the data or download the data in the cloud.
  • On the right you have a visualization with the date when the last one was saved in the cloud and in the console, so you know which one is most recent.Nintendo Switch

4. Transfer a User to Another Console

If you have bought a new Switch and want to migrate your previous user to it, you have an option with which you can take your user and all the saved data from one device to another.

However, you should bear in mind that if you migrate your user to a new console, you will no longer be able to use that user on the first console where you had it.

  • In the lower options bar of the main screen, click on the Console configuration option.
  • Now click on User Profile in the Options column on the left, .
  • Then tap Transfer a user and save data in the options you access, .
  • Now just follow the steps to bring the user to another console.Nintendo Switch

5. Use your Points to Get Discounts

The price you see on the Nintendo Switch eShop is not necessarily the price you have to pay. As you buy both digital and physical games, you will accumulate points in My Nintendo, which you can use to buy goodies and get discounts on the games.

If you purchased your game digitally, the My Nintendo points you earn are automatically added to your account. This option generally gives you a set number of points, but there are occasional promotions that will reward your account with more.

  • For physical games, select the game icon on the system home screen and press the + icon.
  • Select My Nintendo Rewards Program and choose to earn points. And if the game you purchased is still eligible, points will be added to your account. However, these do have an expiration date, so redeem them as soon as you start your game.

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