Apple TV is undoubtedly one of the best devices to have, but they often come with a number of hidden features that most of the users have no idea about. To take your Apple TV experience to another level, we are sharing some useful tips and tricks. Check these out and thank us later!

1. Install The Apps Automatically

Usually, when you install an app on your iPhone, it gets automatically installed on your iPad. You can do the same with your Apple TV provided that there is an Apple TV option in the given app.

To use this feature, navigate to Settings > Apps and toggle on the Automatically Install Apps option.

2. Move The Apps Into Folders Quickly

If your Apple TV is full of apps, you can organize it by moving the apps into folders. This will help you in keeping the TV organized and easy to navigate. Just like you do it on your iPhone, long-press the app and drag it on the top of another app. This will create a folder which you can name or rename. Now, you can simply drag the other related apps into that folder.

3. Play / Pause In No Time

We know that working with an on-screen keyboard is not at all great. But there are some easy ways to use it. Here is the trick, the Play /Pause button can be your Shift/Caps lock keys. This will save a lot of time as you don’t have to change from Uppercase to Lowercase manually. This is an extremely handy feature while entering passwords that are mostly case sensitive.

4. Slip Forward Or Backward Using Siri

Why scrub forward or backwards manually when you’ve a Siri remote? You can move forward or backwards to 10 seconds by clicking the touchpad on the latest Siri remote. If you want to pause, you can also go forward or reverse by sliding your thumb left or right on the touchpad. To skip a bigger chunk, you can simply ask Siri to do so. For instance, say “Siri, Skip ahead to 10 minutes”.

5. Delete Apps Faster

It’s always good to keep your Apple TV clean and organized. Hence, delete the apps that are not in use. You can do this in a snap by long-pressing the app you want to delete and using the Play/Pause button, choose the Delete option and go ahead.

6. Eliminate The Loud Sounds

This tip is especially useful at nights when you don’t want to wear headphones. To do this, head on to your Settings and then Video and Audio and select Reduce Loud Sounds option. This will tame down the loud sounds and you can watch your TV freely without disturbing anyone while they’re sleeping.

7. Enable Dark mode

The brightness of your Apple TV screen can actually harm your eyes. It can also cause issues like sleeplessness and lethargy. But the good thing is, you can enable the dark mode in your TV just like you do it in your iPhone. To do this, navigate to Settings – General – Appearance and then switch it to Dark. This will turn the white backgrounds into black. You can also opt for automatic theme change that will change according to day and night.

8. Use Your iPhone As Your Apple TV Remote

Remote not working? No worries! Use your iPhone as your Apple TV box remote. All you need to do is download the respective TV remote app in your phone and use it.

9. Use Your Apple Watch As Your Remote

Not just your iPhone, you can also use your Apple Watch as your TV remote. Just install the same app on your Apple Watch, you’ve installed on your iPhone. And voila! You can now control your Apple TV through your watch without even touching the remote.

10. Force Reboot Your Apple TV

If your Apple TV is not behaving properly or if there is some issue with any app, then the best option is to reboot the TV. For this, hold the menu and home buttons and release them at the same time, your TV will force reboot.

There you have it!! We hope you find these Apple TV box tips and tricks helpful.

If you know any other tips, feel free to share them with us in the comment box below.