Apple’s magic mouse has careened us towards a new and welcome wireless digital era. It has more capabilities than a traditional clicking mouse. The single and multi-touch taps and swipes and gestures afford a better navigational experience once you get used to it. Although the magic mouse has been around for some time, not everyone has grasped its full capabilities. Because using it involves taps and swipes, there are some features that new users may not be familiar with. Here we will let you on to a few tips and tricks that will help you exploit the magic mouse to its fullest.

1. Enabling Gestures

Go to System Preferences >> Mouse. Here you will find a window displaying two tabs. One will be Point and click’ and the other, Additional Gestures.’ Check on the Point and Click’ features. Enable Smart Zoom’ and Secondary Click.’ The scrolling feature will be enabled by default.

2. Right-Click

For those who are used to right-clicking on the windows mouse, the function can be enabled on the magic mouse too. Since you have enabled the Secondary Click, double-tapping on the right side of the mouse will be the equivalent of a right-click on the traditional mouse.

3. Use Smart Zoom

Smart Zoom allows you to quickly zoom on to the webpage or a picture on your screen. Double-tap on your magic mouse, and the web page will zoom in. Although you can zoom in on your pictures when using Chrome by double-clicking, you can’t do that with web pages or mail. With the magic mouse, you can zoom in on web pages by double-tapping.

4. Scrolling with the Magic Mouse

Swiping up or down the magic mouse with a finger enables you to scroll up or down a page. All you have to do is to check the box that says Scroll Direction: Natural’ in the Point & Click’ window. The feature is enabled by default. You only have to enable it if it has been disabled.

5. Swiping Between Web Pages

When the function is enabled, you will be able to swipe between web pages to the right or left with a swipe of your finger. To enable the function, go to More Gestures’ and check on the Swipe between pages’ box. You can opt for swipe right or left with one, two fingers, or both. Once you enable the function, you can swipe between apps open on your screen and web pages.

6. Using Mission Control Feature

Double-tapping the magic mouse with two fingers gives you quick access to Mission Control. Mission Control lets you have a bird’s view of all the active windows on your screen. With the double-tapping gesture, you can use Mission Control commands to view an app open on your screen. Double-tap on the specific icon, to select the app. The app will appear on your screen. You can then click on it if you want to get it to the front of your workspace.

7. Checking Balance Charge on Magic Mouse

You can check the charge left on your magic mouse, click on the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner of your screen on the Menu bar. You can then check the percentage of charge balance on the magic mouse, keyboard, and your trackpad. If you are a new user, some of the tapping and swiping features may cause accidental interruptions when you are computing. If you just touch the mouse accidentally or swipe it, you may land on a different page than you wanted to be. In such a case, disable the features that bother you till you become familiar with the mouse. For example, you may want to disable scrolling when you are starting with the mouse. Or you may be uncomfortable with scrolling between web pages. Disable these functions until you are more familiar with the mouse. Over time you ill master the magic mouse.

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The Apple magic mouse has been around for some time. Although we are more familiar with the traditional one, the magic mouse gives us more flexibility to navigate while computing. We hope that the tips and tricks listed above help you in utilizing it to its fullest capability. While we had to contend with a long cable with the traditional mouse that could sometimes come in the way. The magic mouse is wireless and has more features that make for an enjoyable navigational experience when computing.