Does the Kindle have everything you are looking for in the e-Reader? Ask if the Kindle is right for you and if it can help you read better.

1. Lowercase reading

You can set the font size on the Kindle according to your preferences. Most libraries and bookstores have only a limited number of printed books, but with Kindle you can select any book on the Amazon Store and create a large print book on your device. A simple touch of a button increases its size and helps to relieve eye strain. This makes reading fun.

2. Saving money on books

The best-selling and newest models on Amazon usually cost $ 9.99, while titles with an old release date are usually sold for less. Assuming that the price of fresh solid oil ranges from $ 25 to $ 30, this is very good and the cost may increase over time. You can buy some form with the money you can save by buying just one book a month instead of writing. The savings increase when you consider buying magazines and newspapers. For any regular reader, the Kindle is committed to saving money.

Amazon Kindle

3. Saving space for books collection

Kindle and Kindle DX are capable of storing all textbooks and the memory can store up to 1,500 books and 3,500 books, respectively. All downloaded books are located in the Kindle Library, in one place. You do not have to travel and ask your relatives if they have seen your book on the floor, because you will know where to find it. Just visit the Stored section of the Kindle library to download any.

4. Wide variety of selected books and topics

With over 450,000 books to choose from, the Kindle Store offers books, magazines, magazines and blogs in a fun way. There are also many third party websites that offer e-books, many of which are free. Other popular pages are: Project Gutenberg, World Public Library and Mobipocket. Most of the names on these pages are free, because they are public and free. You can find antiques on many of these pages, with titles like Pride and Discrimination, Treasure Island, Crime and Punishment that are available for download.

Amazon Kindle

5. Reading the same book on multiple devices

You can find other free apps on the Amazon page that offer the opportunity to read digital content on things other than the Kindle. Kindle for iPhone, PC and BlackBerry are available, and the Kindle for Mac app works. Amazon’s Whispersync technology means you can take what you read, even if you change tools. You can read your book on the iPhone on the train and then switch to the Kindle when you get home.

6. Easy way to identify and write key points

The brand comes with several integrated weapons. It has a digital display, which makes it easy to write the verses you need to remember. You no longer need to read the pages of the book because the Kindle has a bookmark that shows the pages you want to return to. The full QWERTY keyboard supports notation. The illegible notes in the margins are old. Finally, Kindle keeps track of all notes and reviews, and you can view their content on many devices.

Amazon Kindle

7. Listening to spoken words as an audio book

In a recent version of Kindle, Amazon has also included test bookmarks that make textbooks unusable. Any book, magazine or blog can be downloaded, as long as the publisher gives permission, you listen to audiobooks via Kindle while cooking or gardening.  You can also choose the speed with which they are spoken and whether you want a male or female speaker.

8. Addressing printing need

While the device is good at personal reading, it is also a very useful tool for reading business documents. You can send Word and PDF notes, as well as photos, via Whispernet to your email given by Amazon when you purchase a Kindle. You can see your notes anywhere. This service is free if you can transfer documents from your computer to Kindle via USB, otherwise there will be a small amount of money per megabyte sent.